a small Bulgarian train station

Next Stop, “My Bulgarian Fairytale Childhood”!

Lately I have found myself reflecting more and more on my childhood years. Perhaps this is caused by the fact that I am slowly but steadily creeping up to the “oh so scary 30!” or it could be the thought of wanting to have children soon, that keeps sending me back in time on quick and blissful revisits of my enchanted Bulgarian early days.

Alexander Sandev

Bulgaria in Every Season: Through the Lens of Alexander Sandev

A picture speaks a 1,000 words. In that spirit, today we are letting a small collection of Alexander’s truly breathtaking photographs of Bulgaria do all of the talking. Who knows, they might even inspire you enough to book a ticket, pack a bag and head over to some of these places and see them for yourself?! If that happens, make sure you don’t forget to come back and tell us all about your journeys. We’ll be waiting.