Next Stop, “My Bulgarian Fairytale Childhood”!

a small Bulgarian train station

A small train station en route to my childhood Photo credit: Andrey Andreev Photography

Lately I have found myself reflecting more and more on my childhood years. Perhaps this is caused by the fact that I am slowly but steadily creeping up to the “oh so scary 30!” or it could be the thought of wanting to have children soon, that keeps sending me back in time on quick and blissful revisits of my enchanted Bulgarian early days.

I was a kid during some of Bulgaria’s most trying times of its recent history, the transition period from socialism to democracy. And while I do remember the long bread lines (so long that they often times turned not one, but a few corners outside the store) I was lucky to be in childhood bliss and totally oblivious to the hardships and uncertainty of daily life that not-so-lucky grownups faced. It was in the backdrop of this political and economic turmoil during the 90’s in Eastern Europe that my most magical childhood took place and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world….not even the newest iPad! 😉

“Take me back to ‪#‎Bulgaria‬ and my childhood when picturesque train stations like this one marked the many adventures on the rails that I shared with my grandma! …Just the two of us!” – editor of With Love From BG

Most recently, Andrey Andreev Photography’s photo featuring the small train station of Rajdavitza pictured above, sent me down memory lane, when my paternal grandmother and my 6 years old self, traversed the country on rails together. Hand in hand we climbed on train after train, most often traveling to visit her mother (my great-grandmother) in the gorgeous Balkan town of Dryanovo.

Waiting on big and small train stations on early, misty summer and autumn mornings, biting into my home-made breakfast that seconds ago had emerged from my grandma’s purse, always had me feel special. I am named after here and at the time, I thought that this fact alone gave me the great privilege to travel with her, while my two younger sisters stayed at home with mom. In time I realized that these travels were my preschool education. Grandma was a recently retired math teacher and very naturally she had managed to teach me basic mathematical functions. I learned how to add and subtract in the context of the train schedule (departure and arrival times), solve the proverbial “when will the two trains meet?” problems by employing our itinerary and the order of the stations that I had somehow already memorized, and recognize basic Bulgarian geography and history (this was during my looking out the window time). She practically gave me my academic start in the comfort of the train car. Talk about experiential education! I can only hope to give same to my children one day.

Thank YOU grandma, for some of my most special childhood experiences turned into the most precious and cherished memories. Those moments are forever ours! 🙂

Bulgarian Train Station

Bulgarian rails – a gateway to my childhood Photo credit: Andrey Andreev Photography

Find your own special moments along the rails, roads or waterways of Bulgaria. They are there, waiting for you to come and scoop them up. And if you have already gotten some, we wouldn’t love anything more but to hear about them in the comments bellow. 🙂


P.S. Crave more? Our Resources on Bulgaria page is updated regularly & features lots of interesting & useful reads. Check it out! ;)


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One thought on “Next Stop, “My Bulgarian Fairytale Childhood”!

  1. Thank you very much for sharing such a nice story….all it takes is a little bit of energy to leave in a kid a nice memory like this one. Experiencies like these make me realize how powerful they could be in bringing hapiness to others.

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