Travel Bulgaria! – featuring 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in the country

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to a yet another edition of Spotted!-All About Bulgaria. This week  we have chosen to highlight 2 articles that can be grouped under the theme of “Travel Bulgaria”. With them, we aim to acquaint you with a hand-full of new places around the country that hopefully will inspire you to pack your bags and add some more travel time to your 2014 calendar. 🙂

Plovdiv, The Old Town, Bulgaria

Plovdiv, The Old Town, Bulgaria by Andrey Andreev

As always, if you would like us to include a great find of yours in our weekly roundups, please contact us via the Contact Me page. We will be more than happy to include it. 🙂

Here are this week’s picks:

1) 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria by Ellis Shuman on GlobalGrasshopper – This article is a MUST read for anyone who is considering or planning a trip to Bulgaria. Ellis Shuman, author of the novel Valley of Thracians: A Novel of Bulgaria and a good friend of ours, does an excellent job of handpicking some of the most authentic and breathtaking sites in the country. Each one with its  unique cultural and historical charm, they will take you from antiquity to modern times and back in under 500 km! Time traveling of course is Bulgaria’s complementary gift for you and as always it is free of charge anywhere in the country. 😉 But seriously, if not all 10 (this would be ideal and is highly recommended), then at least any 3 of them should be part of everyone’s Bulgarian travel itinerary.

2) Bulgaria-Part 2 on Passport and a Toothbrush – Do you panic when travel plans don’t go exactly as planned or do you embrace the experience and go with the flow? 🙂 When in Bulgaria, chances are that you will get lost at least once and might have to change your plans at least that many times as well. So how you would handle a “think on your feet” moment will to a great extend determine how much you would enjoy the country! This article is an amusing account of the adventurers of two Canadians set out to see the Seven Rila Lakes. However, as faith would have it, they fail to reach their destination, and instead discover some of the less known/touristy charm of the Rila Mountain. 🙂

That’s all for now. We hope we got your wheels turning and inspired you to “get traveling”! 😉

Until next time!


P.S. Crave more? Our Resources on Bulgaria page is updated regularly & features lots of interesting & useful reads. Check it out! ;)


Gift Corner – FOR ALL

THIS IS BULGARIA– National Video Catalog (2013) from Globus Media Group Inc


This is Bulgaria

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