Sofia by Kiro, the Coolest Local Guide Around

Photo of Kiro

Photo credit: Kiril Christov

Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Kiril Christov or simply Kiro! He is a fun and quirky local Sofian, who besides being the face behind was also recently a top contender in the Jauntaroo’s Chief World Explorer competition!!! Simply put, he is one SUPER COOL dude!!!

Sooo we thought, who better to ask a few travel-related questions about Sofia, than a true local and an ex-Chief World Explorer candidate (you know, that is like the CEO of world travel and explorations!!! 😉 )?! So hang on to your hats kids, as this ride is about to get really fun, and meet the tour guide that encourages you to truly explore and make the experience your own! And if you would like to have real bragging rights about having gotten personal travel advice AND tour of Sofia from Kiro, click here or scroll down, to watch his AWESOME video about Bulgaria’s capital. Without further ado, I give you Kiro:

Q: So who is Kiro and how does Bulgaria inspire you?

Kiro is just an average guy, who can be easily bored by the daily routine, so that’s why he is always looking for interesting things and adventures. Inspiration comes with the will to be inspired. You can’t just sit and wait. You have to look for it and call it. What goes around comes around. Be inspired if you want to be inspired. 🙂 It sounds strange but is true.

Q: What is your most favorite thing about Sofia and if you had to describe her in one sentence to someone who has never visited, what would you say?

Sofia, it’s my place, the center of my world. I was born and raised here. For the newcomers: Come and taste the spirit of Sofia – a still uncharted city on your travel map. I’ll be the guide, but it’s your experience! All I can do is show you my point of view, but that is mine after all. If you find it interesting, I’ll be glad. But still, I am just the tour guide and you are the only one in charge of your experience.

Q: Being that you are our local expert and know Sofia like the back of your hand, we cannot help but ask for a few “food and drink” recommendations. Here they are:

a) Where is the best coffee in town?

Ha! I don’t drink coffee, but you can try the green tea and snacks at One More Bar (Shishman Str). Nice and cozy atmosphere every day and night.

One More Bar in Sofia

One More Bar
Photo credit:

b) How about the coldest beer?

Damn, I would like to know that! But I prefer beer with friends all around the city. Buy one from the kiosks and small shops located throughout the city center and drink it at Crystal Garden or at the City Garden in front of the National theater. Act like a true local! 😉

Crystal Garden in Sofia

Crystal Garden in Sofia
By: Sandra Ionescu

City Garden in Sofia

City Garden in front of National Theater
By: Gerry Botchoukova-Farkova

c) And of course, where can we find a “home-style” cooked Bulgarian meal (that is not too many of these–>$$’s)?

It’s not that cheap, but it’s affordable and I recommend it highly. It’s called “Pod Lipite” (translation: Under the linden trees) . It’s rural in style and really delicious. Damn, I get hungry when I think about that place.

Restaurant "Pod Lipite" - outside sitting area

Restaurant “Pod Lipite” – outside sitting area
Photo Credit: Restaurant “Pod Lipite”

Pod Lipite

Restaurant “Pod Lipite” – cozy, rural atmosphere in a large metropolis
Photo credit: Restaurant “Pod Lipite”

Q: Lastly, we are all dying to know: “Where is the BEST party in Sofia?” Any ideas?!

Anywhere you make it! Just look for the right people and ask them. Don’t be afraid. Find your people in couch surfing, Facebook or in the streets. Be adventurer! Be explorer! Find the best party and you tell me!


P.S. Crave more? Our Resources on Bulgaria page is updated regularly & features lots of interesting & useful reads. Check it out! ;)


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