ALL Expenses Paid Travel Opportunity with a Taste of Bulgarian Culture & Wine

Bulgarian Wine from Winery Complex Starosel

Photo credit: Winery Complex Starosel

Through the series Bulgaria: The Land of Opportunity we highlight interesting opportunities in Bulgaria that might not be so easy to spot with the naked eye.

Today, we are kicking the week off with a gem-of-an-opportunity for gastronomy and culture journalists. A friend of ours Bulgarian Wine Direct, a Bulgarian wine wholesaler based in the UK, is offering a fantastic opportunity for a tourism, culture, gourmet or wine journalist to undertake! The assignment starts on November 1st and includes visiting Bulgarian boutique wineries, tasting exceptional local wines, observing cultural wine-making traditions and techniques and of course writting about it all! And here is the best part: It is an ALL expenses paid week long tour of Bulgaria with a group of hand selected European journalists! Now that is what we call a once in a life-time opportunity and pretty AWESOME one!

Before you apply be aware of the criteria that you should meet. It is not too much to ask for when you think how absolutely fantastic this journalistic opportunity & Bulgaria trip is. Here it is:

  • Be a professional UK-based journalist from a digital, TV, radio, or written press
  • Who is looking to write/promote Bulgarian culture/food/drink
  • And writes professionally in English, but any additional languages are welcomed too!

If you said YES to all 3 and you want to contact the organizers with further questions or are ready to apply then click here.

Good luck to all and we can’t wait to read those delicious, culturally-flavorful and traditions-rich articles that will come as a result of this amazing week long wine adventure through beautiful Bulgaria!

Savor the experience and don’t forget to come back and tell us all about it!


P.S. Crave more? Our Resources on Bulgaria page is updated regularly & features lots of interesting & useful reads. Check it out! ;)

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