Unity Day in Bulgaria

Happy Unity Day #Bulgaria!

Today Bulgaria celebrates 128 of unity and the motto “Unity makes us strong” (#СъединениетоПравиСилата) written on the facade of the Bulgarian parliament, is more prevalent than ever before.

The Bulgarian parliament  -"Unity makes us strong"

The Bulgarian parliament with the motto “Unity makes us strong” written across the facade and above the main entrance.

Hopes and wishes to stay together and by each other as one nation and one people are readily expressed throughout the day, even amongst strangers. We are all Bulgarian today despite any religious, ethnic or other diversities along which we identify ourselves. The air is charged with excitement and the feeling is nothing short of electrifying. To read the story of the Bulgarian unification —–> here.

As always head out to #Plovdiv to take part in the celebrations of the day!


P.S. Crave more? Our Resources on Bulgaria page is updated regularly & features lots of interesting & useful reads. Check it out! 😉


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