[NEW SERIES] Bulgaria: The Land of Opportunity

I am super excited to kick off our new blog series Bulgaria: The Land of Opportunity with some of my favorite people and the amazing opportunities that their organizations offer in Bulgaria. Before I introduce you to them and the fabulous work that they do, a few words about this new rubric are in order.

Here at ~WithLoveFromBG~ we believe that challenges and opportunities are two sides of the same coin. We welcome them, embrace them and do our best to turn them into positive and life-changing experiences. With this frame of mind, we created Bulgaria: The Land of Opportunity, a series through which we will share with you the many exciting, inspiring and creative opportunities that Bulgaria has to offer through the stories of people and organizations that have taken the leap and chosen Bulgaria as their land of opportunity. (Topics will cover: business, education, career development, volunteer, retirement, better quality of life and more.)

We start with…

Connecting to Bulgaria from Afar: The Mission POSSIBLE!

This is the story of one event, three ambitious organizations and a whole lot of young, positively charged, entrepreneurial-spirited, highly qualified and passionate about Bulgaria individuals. Connecting to Bulgaria from Afar: The Mission POSSIBLE! – is an international event that is organized by United Ideas for Bulgaria in collaboration with Tuk-Tam (“Тук-Там“ ) and Zaedno v chas(„Заедно в час“- part of the Teach for All family) to present:

  • The style of work within each one of their networks
  • The goals and achievements of their initiatives
  • The available opportunities for professional development in Bulgaria for those returning to the country after having spent time abroad

ImageUnited Ideas for Bulgaria – is a non-profit organization whose focus is on the development and completion of social initiatives and citizens’ proposed projects. Some of their most popular project include: I choose Bulgaria, Radio “Idea”, Student Workshops and Where Ideas Find Their Home!

ImageTuk-Tam – is a non for profit network for Bulgarians with professional and academic experiences abroad, who believe in their country. Currently they have 25 volunteer ambassadors in 18 cities around the world and are looking to grow.

ImageTeach for Bulgaria – is a non for profit organization that aims to provide each child in Bulgaria with access to high quality education by supporting and preparing ambitious young people to become motivating teachers and leaders in the Bulgarian educational system and society as a whole. In 2 years they have placed 56 young teachers in 33 schools across the country that have benefited over 4,000 students and they have just begun!

The opportunities that each one of these organizations offers, vary in nature and character, however they are most often sought after by college students who are motivated to make a difference in Bulgaria while gaining valuable experience in areas such as social media marketing, networking, leadership and communications.

In the past, this event has had great success in places such as Canada, England, Scotland, and of course Bulgaria. Most recently, it was held on July 11th in Berlin, Germany and drew a group of about 30 college students from a number of higher education institutions and variety of academic backgrounds. Among the attendees, there was also a representative from the Bulgarian embassy in Germany. The presentations were followed by a short discussion on how to become part of these networks and what challenges one could expect to come across when volunteering from afar.

Bulgarian event in Berlin     Bulgarian event in Berlin

Attendees at the July 11th event in Berlin!

Bulgarian event in Berlin

Next up are Mannheim, Germany and Leiden, Netherlands with events to take place there some time in the fall. For more details, please contact conference@oib.bg.


P.S. Crave more? Our Resources on Bulgaria page is updated regularly & features lots of interesting & useful reads. Check it out! 😉


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