Finding beauty in unexpected and unusual places – Bulgaria is home to one of them

The article “30 abandoned places that look truly beautiful” written by Poonam Gupta and published on The idealist blog, presents the unusual beauty that can be found in unexpected and forgotten places. The eye captures the visible traces of time left on the physical skeletons of the spaces. Yet the breathtaking beauty is only seen with the soul, through which we easily detect the nostalgia, the calm and the peaceful, the quiet serenity of the present that has replaced the vivacious bustling of the past. We let our imagination run wild and allow ourselves to fill these spaces with life, pretending to be able to reconstruct their past and imagine their future.

English: Buzludja's flying saucer - from insid...

English: Buzludja’s flying saucer – from inside Български: Паметникът на Бузлуджа – отвътре (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bulgaria is home to place number 25 on the list. A place, embodying: past ideology, hopes and dreams; recent history and turbulent changes; present struggles to reconcile national identity and social divisions; a time capsule for future generations, removed by time from any feelings for it, soberly accepting rather then dismissing its existence.

Happy daydreaming as you scroll from 1 to 30 and discover the real attractions worth visiting and the incredible wordless stories that they tell about the past, present and future of their people.


P.S. Crave more? Our Resources on Bulgaria page is updated regularly & features lots of interesting & useful reads. Check it out! 😉


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