Polling the audience


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2 thoughts on “Polling the audience

  1. We move to a different country every six months. From Mexico we are headed to Scotland, and next year to Spain. We hope to spend several years in Europe after the past two years in Latin America. Plans include Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, and possibly Portugal. We are saving up for Scandinavia, Germany, The Netherlands, and Switzerland, since those countries cost a bit more.

    • That is absolutely wonderful! The countries that you have on your Europe list like Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, are the hidden gems of the old continent and the ones that are often neglected by the mainstream traveler. A seasoned traveler like yourself will definitely appreciate and enjoy the unconventional perspective and breathtaking beauty that they all offer. As a native Bulgarian who has lived half of her life in the US and traveled to Croatia, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, France, Italy (the list goes on), I would be happy to offer my experiences as you plan your move especially to Bulgaria. 🙂

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