2 and 1/2 months in BG

Time flies! Two months ago, I quit my jobs, packed my bags and left for Bulgaria. Originally my journey was supposed to be ONLY 6 weeks, however it ended up being more like 10. Now, my time here has run out once again and on Tuesday I will be flying back to the USA.

I have to say, taking the time to live out a fantasy of returning to Bulgaria and living here, has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have granted myself. No more “what ifs” and “would haves”. I did it and now I know what that lifestyle has to offer. I am not going to draw a T-chart and categorize the positive and the negative as if this was a research project. Instead I am going to take the experience for what it was, a different daily routine, and seize tomorrow with the same passion as I have lived today.

Waking up in the skirts of the majestic Balkans and chasing with a dreamy gaze the shadows of the summer clouds across the range, that is a moment I can never forget. Understanding that over the past ten years, I have become more Americanized than I have ever expected I would, is another experience that will stay with me. The new friends that I have made here and their warm welcome is a feeling that I will cherish for years to come. In the US, we often forget that there is more to life than work and money, and thus we put ourselves in invisible prisons without a good reason for that.

….time to have one last cup of coffee with my local friends before I head out of this culture and return to something entirely different!



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