One SUMMER upon a time…

in a land far, far away from my home in the US of A, I experienced life unscripted. Dobrudja (the bread basket of Bulgaria), stretching for miles and miles in the north-eastern corner of Bulgaria, is a magical and mystifying place. Here, in mid to late August, a sea of golden wheat gently rocked by the Black Sea breeze, blends in the horizon with the dark blue waters hugging the Bulgarian coast.  Time stops here, and one can easily get lost in his/her day dreams. The air is light and sweet scents of ripped melons and corn infatuate all of the senses. Even the modern white and slender wind mills, that are scattered throughout Dobrudja’s fields find a way to fit in. Life is uninterrupted here!!! The petty nuisances of daily routines are long forgotten in another world, far, far away. An abundance of inspiration is stock piled in the land and awaits to be unleashed by the next traveler who takes the journey to Dobrudja!



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