Life ReDEfined or simply REFINED!

I would like to introduce you, if you would let me, to one of the MOST precious places in the whole of Europe: Karlovo! In this Bulgarian town, nestled in the arms of the majestic Balkans, you will find a very different rhythm of life. A rhythm so foreign and at the same time so desperately needed by the rest of the world, that when discovered it is only comparable to that very first sip of cold water after a long hike on a scorching August day. Karlovo is not just a place. It is a state of mind and a way of life. If embraced for all that it is, it will keep delivering on its promise of emotional satisfaction long after its visitors have left.

In the very foothills of the Balkans, the building of a long closed factory stands proudly as a reminder of more productive times.

The past and the present become one when 19 century architecture meets 21 century EU expansion.

...and this is what a visit to Karlovo feels like: Surprisingly peaceful, Excitingly beautiful, Refreshing and oh so very much-needed!

Not your Starbucks coffee break. Europe, Bulgaria and particularly Karlovo measure time in moments like this one more so than in your traditional minute increments.
The Center of Karlovo
NATO forces on their lunch break on a hot summer day in Karlovo



3 thoughts on “Life ReDEfined or simply REFINED!

  1. I must say, you have captured the way of life and measuring time in Europe exactly. I could never express it for Americans to understand. You did.
    Thank you.

    and thank you for coming to visit my blog 🙂

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